The Press Release Song is here to keep company the following words.

Premiering original compositions at World Cafe Live, with intermittent covers ranging from Lucinda Williams to Nick Drake to Taj Mahal to John Denver to Hozier to Kate Bush to Wilco (“Are you under the impression this isn’t your life?”) JACOB SNIDER & COUNTRY WO,EMN is the latest creative amalgam of people and songs intended to hit you in ways far foreign from the music of the doctor’s office.

This girl is huddled over her food, pasta, or butternut squash soup, as if to hide it, I can’t be sure, her body is hunchbacked, she’s a little person. She’s doing it again now that the thought’s run dry, twiddling her fingers not thoroughly enough to draw notice from onlookers, but enough of me. What brought you here?

I am listening to the words of James Baldwin, Krystle Warren, Emma Koenig, and Adrianne Lenker right now, while unrelentingly influenced by the 1990’s, Elliott Smith, and the lifework of Sebastião Salgado.

The people playing and singing on this stage will be determined then announced, but until then, “sit tight” and trust that they will be worthy of your presence and even pride. Give it time, give them both. Teach us a lesson, make it undo us, the one about the little left of your time.

The Wonder EP is here. “Dumb Vials” features Armand Hirsch.

Update: Emily Bach, Mike Brun, Magnus Ferguson, and Cary Snider will join me to make up the band for the 5/28 performance at World Cafe Live Philadelphia.

Snider WCL 5:28 LARGE RES